New Generation of Jezebel infused preachers rising up!

As I sat reading over the news for the start of 2020, I ran across an article about a well known preacher who has frequently been in the news for moral issues over the last year.  He is the subject of a pending eviction of his church for non payment and during his New Years Service he made it a point to indirectly accuse the other church evicting them as being Jezebel.  I know many Christians [...]

New Generation of Jezebel infused preachers rising up!2020-01-02T11:39:32-05:00

The Reality of Demonic Possession in Spiritual Warfare Thriller

Are there really demons? Do witches have supernatural powers? Is there really a spirit realm? These questions and many more are answered in the film, "The Light and the Darkness." Hosted by James Alford, this documentary thriller relays the stories and experiences of several people who have had encounters with the supernatural. Former witches, ministers, and experts speak on eye opening and explosive things they experienced while interacting with demons and the power of the occult. The [...]

The Reality of Demonic Possession in Spiritual Warfare Thriller2019-12-09T15:21:47-05:00

Avoiding The Error of Balaam

The story of the prophet Balaam is a great example of how the heart can deceive and produce much evil.  Balaam was a prophet in the Old Testament known to hear from God.  He had the power to speak blessings and curses over the nation of Israel as God directed.  An evil king that wanted to curse Israel sought after Balaam to convince him to curse Israel.  He sent men to offer Balaam money to do [...]

Avoiding The Error of Balaam2019-12-09T15:23:46-05:00

Resisting the Power of Flesh

It seems like almost every other day the news reports a story of a pastor that has fallen into sexual sin.  One of the sad parts about it is that these aren’t new ministers or leaders that have been in ministry for a short time.  These are men who have had decades to refine and strengthen themselves against the vices of the flesh. We may ask ourselves how does this happen and many stop putting faith [...]

Resisting the Power of Flesh2019-12-09T15:24:09-05:00

Power Of Prayer

Several years ago, I was at the airport preparing to board my flight.  I was not a big fan of flying but it was one of the requirements of my job.  Right before I got on the plane I heard the spirit of God say that I should pray in tongues on the plane until he says to stop.  I thought it no big deal because I know the Holy Spirit knew I was a little [...]

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Days Of Lot

A years ago, I was having lunch with a good friend of mine.  I was speaking to him about sin.  I was telling him how as Christians we must do all we can to avoid sin.  As I was talking, our waitress entered the conversation.  She told me that her mother used to talk about not sinning, but she didn’t see the big deal.  I looked her in the eyes and told her sin is a [...]

Days Of Lot2019-12-09T15:25:47-05:00

Process of Spiritual Maturity

I have seen a trend of people who profess to have been Christians for a long time, but are not very mature spiritually.   Some of these people are the most difficult to minister to, because they equate spiritual maturity to time, rather than development.   I absolutely believe that God takes time to develop people, but time itself is not the only factor in determining where someone is in their spiritual walk. On the other side of [...]

Process of Spiritual Maturity2019-12-09T15:26:08-05:00

Are You Ready For Battle?

Being Ready For Battle A few years ago I visited the assisted living home for the elderly for weekly bible study.  I expected this week to be as usual….We sit and talk about God and his wonderful blessings.  We laugh, we discuss, we pray for the sick and troubled.  It is always a warm and cozy place to minister the gospel.  As I walked around greeting everyone, I spotted a new attendant for the bible study.  [...]

Are You Ready For Battle?2019-12-09T15:26:39-05:00

Carrying The Weight Of Your Assignment

When I first felt the call of God, I ran out and tried to make every vision, every idea, every word given a reality in my life. I was so excited for what God had called me to do. I wanted it all to happen in a matter of days or weeks. Since the visions were so clear and the final result so certain, I knew that if I could just put a little push behind [...]

Carrying The Weight Of Your Assignment2019-12-09T15:27:28-05:00

False Prophecy

Several years ago I was at a prophetic conference.  I was invited by a friend and had never attend a conference of this sort before.  I had just started my church and was trying to met other people that were ministers and had churches.    During the service, I noticed that the style of worship was a little different, but I thought that maybe it was just the culture or tradition.  At the end of the service.  [...]

False Prophecy2019-12-09T15:28:52-05:00
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