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June 2020

Deception And The Fog Of Spiritual Warfare


I recently read an article by a military leader on warfare.  He stated one of the core aspects of warfare was deception.  When fighting an enemy, he said it was all about giving a false reality to an opponent to gain an advantage over them.   When I read this, it reminded me of Satan's devices.  From the day that God made man, Satan has waged war against him.   When he approached Eve he deceived her and [...]

Deception And The Fog Of Spiritual Warfare2020-06-25T14:31:12-04:00

May 2020

Racism Is Not The Core Of Our Problems


In this time of social upheaval, many are looking for solutions to this crisis. We seek to end racism with regulation, voting, and marching and on the surface it seems if all is well and progressing.  Unfortunately,  you cannot regulate the heart of people because it only becomes more hidden and more concealed on the inside.  Understand this...Racism is not the core of our problems, but it is the fruit of sinful men. It is Satan [...]

Racism Is Not The Core Of Our Problems2021-01-15T18:05:20-05:00

March 2020

The Three Devils Of Coronavirus


Since close to the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in China, I have been observing the trail of suffering that it has caused.   I wondered was this some sort of judgement by God against China, but God never said anything in that regard.  As of today this sickness has worked its way around the world and is jeopardizing many lives.  Hour upon hour the reports come in and cities lock down more and more.  We are [...]

The Three Devils Of Coronavirus2020-03-31T17:35:42-04:00

January 2020

Having Patience During Spiritual Battles


One thing I know for sure is that nobody likes unpleasant situations.  Especially when the situation has no end in sight.  Most people when looking for the exit are willing to  compromise other things to get some sort of relief. The overwhelming nature of spiritual warfare convinces the weary to take a route that they perceive will release them from the battle they face ultimately leading them away from the will of God and unknowingly into [...]

Having Patience During Spiritual Battles2020-01-23T08:26:05-05:00

8 Signs Of A False Prophet


It can be hard launching a new church, so when my wife and I were invited to a service with other local leaders in the area, we were happy to attend.   If anything I wanted to make connections and get insight on perfecting the destiny that God had for us. After we got to the service we found out it was hosted by a professed prophet.   At the end of the service the prophet [...]

8 Signs Of A False Prophet2020-01-09T16:47:53-05:00

New Generation of Jezebel infused preachers rising up!


As I sat reading over the news for the start of 2020, I ran across an article about a well known preacher who has frequently been in the news for moral issues over the last year.  He is the subject of a pending eviction of his church for non payment and during his New Years Service he made it a point to indirectly accuse the other church evicting them as being Jezebel.  I know many Christians [...]

New Generation of Jezebel infused preachers rising up!2020-01-02T11:39:32-05:00

October 2019

The Reality of Demonic Possession in Spiritual Warfare Thriller


Are there really demons? Do witches have supernatural powers? Is there really a spirit realm? These questions and many more are answered in the film, "The Light and the Darkness." Hosted by James Alford, this documentary thriller relays the stories and experiences of several people who have had encounters with the supernatural. Former witches, ministers, and experts speak on eye opening and explosive things they experienced while interacting with demons and the power of the occult. The [...]

The Reality of Demonic Possession in Spiritual Warfare Thriller2019-12-09T15:21:47-05:00

May 2017

Avoiding The Error of Balaam


The story of the prophet Balaam is a great example of how the heart can deceive and produce much evil.  Balaam was a prophet in the Old Testament known to hear from God.  He had the power to speak blessings and curses over the nation of Israel as God directed.  An evil king that wanted to curse Israel sought after Balaam to convince him to curse Israel.  He sent men to offer Balaam money to do [...]

Avoiding The Error of Balaam2019-12-09T15:23:46-05:00

Resisting the Power of Flesh


It seems like almost every other day the news reports a story of a pastor that has fallen into sexual sin.  One of the sad parts about it is that these aren’t new ministers or leaders that have been in ministry for a short time.  These are men who have had decades to refine and strengthen themselves against the vices of the flesh. We may ask ourselves how does this happen and many stop putting faith [...]

Resisting the Power of Flesh2019-12-09T15:24:09-05:00

March 2017

Power Of Prayer


Several years ago, I was at the airport preparing to board my flight.  I was not a big fan of flying but it was one of the requirements of my job.  Right before I got on the plane I heard the spirit of God say that I should pray in tongues on the plane until he says to stop.  I thought it no big deal because I know the Holy Spirit knew I was a little [...]

Power Of Prayer2019-12-09T15:24:43-05:00
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