Beware Of Destiny Killers

If you are a person that seeks God’s will for your life, you have probably knowingly or unknowingly ran into demonic devices I call destiny killers. From the beginning of time Satan has worked against the plan of God, and if you are a part of it he is working against you.  The first destiny killer Satan released on the world was in the garden of Eden.  He convinced Adam and Eve to give up their place in the garden by means of sin.  This sin brought a curse, not only on them but on mankind.  It took thousands of years for Jesus to appear and undo the damage Satan had done to the destiny of mankind.  

    When measuring a flight path there is something called trajectory.  It is used to determine where something will end up based on its path.  If there is any deviation in trajectory objects can end up far away from the place it would have ended up if it had stayed on its previous course. Satan’s goal is to get you to deviate from God’s original plan and have you far away from what God intended.  Even the smallest deviation can lead to a delay in God’s plan for your life.  

    One of the most talked about destiny delays referenced in the bible is the story of Israel leaving Egypt for the promise land.  God promised a land flowing with milk and honey to the nation of Israel.  It was their destiny and it was just a few days’ journey away.  Unfortunately the nation of Israel didn’t inhabit this land until forty years later.  They allowed fear, rebellion, and a lack of faith to change their trajectory and they found themselves far away from God’s initial plan. 

    While Israel’s destiny was certainly delayed, we can’t say it was Satan’s work alone.  Destiny killers can be devils, other people’s opinions, and even our own weak or wicked hearts. One of the most destructive ways a person can be robbed of destiny is by people that are close to them. Satan tried this when he got Peter to rebuke Jesus about going to the cross.  Heading towards destiny is a faith walk and it is hard to stay the path when those who are close to you have a negative or discouraging opinion.  

    When trying to overcome the war on your destiny keep your eyes on what God said and stay on the path he has given.  Satan has no power to stop your destiny, so he tries to lie and stir divisiveness and challenge your heart.  At the end of the day, you and your faith in Christ is the firewall to all Satan is working to stop your destiny.  If you don’t get off track there is nothing he can do to stop you.  


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