Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Worship

Warfare in Worship

The first part of 2020 I did a podcast & article called, “Overcoming The Three Devils Of Coronavirus”.  One of spirits operation I referenced was an effort to suffocate the church by closing the doors and cutting off worship.   The Christian church in America, having been a place of regular congregational worship for hundreds of years, found itself under duress as the pandemic began to raise its ugly head around the world.  In some parts of the US, churches were engaged in legal battles to keep worship services going on.  In one of the more blatant displays of the devils plans, one California county tried to ban recording worship services to stream online.  Some might look at this and say maybe it was for the best and just close the churches doors until it’s safe, but as always Satan revealed the true intent of closing the churches.  I personally have no judgement or condemnation for anyone that kept open or closed their churches as long as it was driven by God’s direction, but I do believe that Satan used the coronavirus as an opportunity to try to accomplish his goals.

I believe that the continual worship that has gone on in America has kept the nation from becoming completely apostate.  It has propelled us to a nation of unmatched strength and influence throughout the world.  No matter if it is public worship as a group or the individual worshiper in private, it must continue.  In John 4:23 it says that God is looking for true worshipers to worship him.  Satan desires the US to become like two other areas of the world that are close in strength and influence, Europe and China.  Much of Europe has become absent of Christian faith and in China they destroy churches, arrest Christian leaders, and have even banned a lot of online ministry efforts.  The free worship of the people of America is a part of God’s plan to keep the church going forward.  As Christians we must continue to fight and not allow our worship to be silenced.

Make sure you check my recent podcast. “Warfare in Worship”.  I speak with Kezia Alford on the warfare that goes on in worship.

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