It’s Not Until You Close Your Eyes That You Will Really See!

One of the things we love to say in church is, “it’s not what it looks like!”. I know many times I was giving a word of faith, my emphasis was on ignoring what you naturally see and believing God for what he has said. After telling people this some would trust God more, but many others would continue struggling with the pressure of what appeared to be a bad situation.

When Jesus appeared to the disciples after his resurrection, Thomas asked to see the scars of Jesus suffering. He needed to see the evidence to believe that Jesus had risen. At that moment Jesus said that the truly blessed are those that believe and have not seen.

I believe our reliance on natural sight is a great hindrance to us being able to see in the spirit. Image and understanding received from our natural sight must be rejected. When we reject it by faith in Gods word, we can truly see and walk in the promises and blessings of God!

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