New Generation of Jezebel infused preachers rising up!

As I sat reading over the news for the start of 2020, I ran across an article about a well known preacher who has frequently been in the news for moral issues over the last year.  He is the subject of a pending eviction of his church for non payment and during his New Years Service he made it a point to indirectly accuse the other church evicting them as being Jezebel.  I know many Christians have at one point or another dealt with the spirit of Jezebel attacking them, some accurate and some misplaced.   As humans we are always quick to look for a place to assign blame, often for the Christian believer it has a demonic name.  I think one of the more dangerous devices of Satan is when he tricks Christians into assigning blame to the wrong places.  Sometimes rather than looking for the blame in others there needs to be a self examination of ones own spiritual makeup.

In this new era of media visibility we see a rise of Christian preachers that do not avoid excess and the appearance of vanity like the preachers of generations past.   Often times these new leaders make an excuse for every borderline vain thing they do or say as the will of God, and oftentimes they accuse the ones that challenge their spiritual character as workers of Satan.   The lack of true accountability has made the coolest, most aggressive, people with the most likes on social media the defacto leaders of many spiritually unaware Christians.

A few years ago I had a dream I was at my church getting ready to preach.  As we were preparing, a man hurried up on the stage.  He was very eloquent in his teaching but the problem was that he was not supposed to be preaching, so I told him to leave.  As I walked around the church I saw his face pressed against the glass looking at the people from the outside.   At that point God showed me he was lusting for the the followers rather than serving God.  As I was watching him, another preacher ran up on the stage and started to talk about how he was an alcoholic as if it were cool.  He asked ,”Where are my alcoholics in here?” and the the crowd began to respond back with shouts  in agreement.  God showed me that this preacher catering to the weaknesses of the people and even making it cool.

These days the desire to be the most popular, wealthy, cool preacher, that can do what they want, has driven a new generation of Jezebel infused men and women.  Jezebel of the bible submitted to no one unless it was beneficial to her desire to gain more power.  She acquired a loyal following of eunuchs that gave all their devotion to her alone.  Interesting enough, Jezebel was queen over God’s chosen nation Israel, but her only desire was to fulfill her lusts.  Scripture warns Christians that she calls herself a prophetess and teaches Gods people to commit fornication and eat things sacrificed to idols.  This prophetic leaning is well documented among these new unrighteous preachers rising up. They speak as if inspired by God, using it to progress their agendas and cosign on their ways.

The worst part about this alarming trend is the lives affected by this deception.  False teachings that lead to false worship, vanity, and pride destroy the spiritual make up of the believer.  They replace the worship of God with the worship of man or themselves.  God warned the followers of Jezebel would be bound up with her unless they repented.

There needs to be a rise of leaders that teach and exhibit righteousness and holiness.  Leaders that are not drawn away from the truth.  Ones that can teach a pure word that will properly develop and mature the believers of Christ.   Mature Christians need to take on the strength of Jehu as he challenged Jezebel and refused to compromise the will of God.


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