Prophets, Trump, and The Truth

As America begins to settle into the realities of a new political administration, I can’t help but think about all the prayers, declarations, and especially the prophecies that were released leading up to this point.  According to many, Trump was their man, God’s man, and the one who would continue to take the nation in the right direction for God’s plan.  Prophet upon prophet declared Trump’s reelection.  Many of these prophets are well respected in their ministry circles for being true men and women of God. So for all of us that respect the office of the prophet and the gifts that follow, how could so many be off?

Many years ago there was a prophet who was ministering on TV, it was around the time of the superbowl.  He decided he would speak on who God told him would win the Super Bowl, he even made sure he labeled what was from the spirit and what was not.  Sadly his prophetic word was false and he apologized for it.  I equate this man’s error as similar to reasoning for many who wanted to speak for God in this presidential election. 

When you speak out of the spirit it is essential that you speak God’s word/will and not allow your own opinion/desire of what you think God is doing to cloud your vision. Peter did something similar in action when he cut the man’s ear off when they came to take Jesus in the garden.  He couldn’t embrace the will of God, because his own mind told him the sword would be better.   There was one other issue though that has warped the word of many prophets in politics and the presidential election, make sure you listen to the podcast and hear what it is…….

Podcast:  Kingdom Authority with James Alford

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