Are there really demons? Do witches have supernatural powers? Is there really a spirit realm? These questions and many more are answered in the film, “The Light and the Darkness.” Hosted by James Alford, this documentary thriller relays the stories and experiences of several people who have had encounters with the supernatural. Former witches, ministers, and experts speak on eye opening and explosive things they experienced while interacting with demons and the power of the occult. The Light and the Darkness is not available.

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Hosted from the mountains of Falls Creek Falls Tennessee, James Alford begins the process of opening viewers to the reality of the spiritual realm. From this point, expert commentary and reenactments of key stories highlight the evidence for the battle between good and evil. Broken into four main parts, The Light and The Darkness takes viewers on a journey inside the battle between evil and good, demons and demonic possession, the occult, and the power of the name of Jesus.


Ministers and experts featured include Dick Leggatt, president of Derek Prince Ministries and Ivory Hopkins with Pilgrims Ministry of Deliverance.


Derek Prince Ministries has been a leading force in the area of spiritual warfare and teaching on the spiritual realm from a Christian perspective. With 45 offices around the world, this ministry has had international recognition, reach, and influence for decades.


Ivory Hopkins also known as the “General of Deliverance” travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries ministering in his own special, unique way resulting in thousands of changed lives. With over 40 years in ministry and an expert on the spirit realm, Ivory Hopkins has a Doctorate degree from Rapha Deliverance University and has authored several books.


Host & Director


James Alford is a Christian leader at Righteousness Ministries, author, and filmmaker. He has been involved in Christian ministry and media for over a decade. He hosted a television program that was aired internationally called Kingdom Authority. He specializes in storytelling and revealing spiritual principles through teaching and media.


Co- Director


Kirby Love is a Christian leader at Righteousness Ministries, musician, and filmmaker. He is specialized in evangelistic outreach in media.