Free From Captivity

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When most people think of Captivity they think of someone or something that has been physically bound in chains or behind bars. The word captivity brings thoughts of criminals being in prison or even of past times where peoples around the world were sold from person to person with no hope of liberty. Most people that are in physical captivity these days is because they have been convicted of a crime. If you look at the history of man’s existence on this earth over the last few of thousand years you’ll see that many were born into a state of slavery and others were sold into it. Many peoples condition was the end product of some type of warfare or conflict that ended in defeat for the side they were on. Some became quite comfortable and embracive of their condition and others lived for the opportunity to be free. Some would escape and quickly realize that they would rather be captive and others killed themselves choosing death over living in chains.
Even in today’s society people fight for freedom from many different oppressions, and although it may not be as confining as times in the past, to be captive is never what man was intended by God to be. God created man to be free from oppression, free from sickness, free from sin, free from hurt and sadness, free from torment; and yet mankind suffers from all these. On the news we see Christian churches being burnt down constantly across the world. In some places it is illegal to even talk to people about Jesus. We see countries were religious liberties used to be the norm now compromised.
It is a treacherous reality that our adversary, Satan is working around the clock to take us into a state of captivity...Mind, Body, and Spirit. The bible even says in 1Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”. Satan tried to enslave the whole world through the mistake Adam and Eve made. Now, with the power of Jesus, and our ability to be free from sin and death, Satan works overtime to disguise the reality of captivity in people’s lives and the availability of freedom in Jesus Christ.
This book takes the reader down the various paths that lead to spiritual captivity in peoples lives. Then it examines how to get free and stay there.

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